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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 24, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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making news in america this morning -- deadly mistake opinion an air strike aimed at taking out al qaeda killing hostages including an american. president obama taking the blame. we're live in washington with the latest. [ screaming ] >> oh my gosh! breaking overnight, a stage collapses in the middle of a high school performance. new details on injuries and the video just coming in. highway mystery. a pickup truck with a shattered window and a woman shot. are people being targeted? and offseason job. 6'2", 330 pounds, and ready to pick you up. the nfl player who just applied to be an uber driver.
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well good morning to you, i'm reena ninan. >> and i'm ryan smith in for t.j. holmes. we begin with a national mea culpa over a u.s. drone strike that killed two hostages. >> the president is taking responsible for the death of go aid workers. american warren weinstein and an italian man. >> reporter: the u.s. has carried out hundreds of air strikes in pakistan. this incident is sure to renew criticism of the cia drone program. the president says there will be a review to try to prevent similar deaths in the future. the air strike deep in a moupt nous region of pakistan, carryied out january 14th after the compound was monitored for
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hundreds of hours. soon realizing that two aid workers were being held there. american warren weinstein and italian giovanni lo porto. >> it's a bitter truth that in the fog of war generally and the fight against terrorists specifically mistakes sometimes deadly mistakes can occur. >> reporter: president obama apologized to the hostages families. weinstein's daughter and family appeared on abc after this video was released. >> if you don't accept the demand i'll die. >> i would tell him i love him and i think about him every day. >> reporter: this strike also took out an american al qaeda leader and a separate strike that month killed another american who had joined al qaeda. >> the streets of america shall run red with blood.
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>> reporter: adam gadan was the first person charged with treason against the u.s. he and farouk were not the intended targets of the air strikes. weinstein's wife blamed al qaeda for her husband's death. but he says u.s. support for her family during this ordeal was inconsistent. breaking overnight, panic at a high school near indianapolis. a stage suddenly collapsing done a show. stuns parents and classmates watching in horror. ♪ don't stop believing ♪ [ screaming ] >> oh my god! >> the students had filled the stage for the grand finale of the musical "american pie." that brought the singing and dancing to an abrupt end. >> i saw the pieces of wood
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begin to collapse and then a falling of faces. i just saw just this shock. this look of shock and a moment of confusion. screaming from faculty and staff. >> most of the students climbed out on their own. more than a dozen were injured. in texas, a home is slowly sliding into a lake. >> the million-dollar house was supposed to be a retirement home. the owners have moved out. >> it's not a question of if but when the house breaks away. let's get the latest on today's weather from paul williams at accuweather. >> thank you reena, ryan. high pressure brings cool and dryer air in effect from cincinnati to pittsburgh new york city to d.c. the bigger story will be what's happening in the deep south. we have a moderate risk of
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possible tornadoes. multiple cells possible to break out. that reaches up towards kansas city just on the other side of the mississippi valley region. here's why. we have a bad mixture coming together. warm moist air off the gulf. jet stream in perfect placement with a low-pressure system. this brings us the highest threat of severe weather. t damaging hail frequent lightning strikes. more protests are expected in baltimore today. freddie gray was all right when he was put in a police van. but had a spinal injury when he arrived at the police station. he's not the first suspect to be injured in a ride in a police van. former cia director david petraeus has been sentenced to two years probation for sharing class fid information with his girlfriend. he must pay a $100,000 fine. he was sentenced to two years
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after agreeing to pleading guilty to unauthorize removal and sharing of material. his career was shattered once h career became public. the boston marathon bomb eer's trial moves on to the next phase. prosecutors wrapped up their argument by showing an 8-year-old vick time dying. members of the bomber's family have arrived in boston reportedly and may testify on his behalf. three more women have come forward accusing bill cosby of drugging and raping them. they claim it was in separate incidents in the 1970s and early '80s. the statute of limitations has run out on their chashlgs. cosby has not commented. tom brady not showing off his patriotism yesterday. he was a no-show at the white
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house when the president hosted the super bowl champions. he turned down the up i havation for an undisclosed prior family commitment. the president said he was worried most of his jokes would fall flat that day. he said he hoped 11 out of 12 would be okay. ouch. >> oh below the belt. still ahead, the popular ice cream maker pulling a product from the shelves. the health concern now spreading. and the mystery deepens in a miz air scare. passengers passed out on a plane. what the airline is saying this morning. plus brazen burglary caught on camera. man creeps through the kitchen. wait until you hear where the family was when all this went down.
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growing concerns this morning about that volcano eruption in southern chile. fears that the volcanic ash could contaminate water, cause illness, and ground more flights. there is so much ash in the air, it's starting to pollute the air in argentina. thousands have been evacuated. in some areas, the weight of the fallen ash collapsed the roofs of houses. the volcano erupted on wednesday after being silent for more than four decades. for the second time this week, an ice cream maker has shut down production and recalled all its frozen streets. jenis frozen ice chemosays lit not supply products would being able to ensure the products are 100% safe. blue bell took the same steps.
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it's gonna tempt your tummy, with the taste of nuts and honey. it's a honey of an o. it's honey nut cheerios. check this out. a rare sight in hawaii. a tornado in oahu. a weak twister kicked up dirt by otherwise didn't seem to have done any damage. the last tornado in hawaii happened three years ago when a water spout moved on to land. a larger tornado hit oahu three years before that. tornadoes could be a problem for drivers in the southern plains today. flood willing be more of a problem there. throughout the south, roads will be wet in the rest of the midwest. and the pacific northwest. could be slippery from snow in new england and the rockies. if you're flying airport delays are likely nest kansas cityings dallas houston, new
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orleans, and memphis. a mistily in the sky is deepingen. the dramatic emergency landing on wednesday in buffalo, new york. >> skywest is you revealing it was three passengers who passed out. the pilots fearing a loss of cabin pressure descended quickly. a nur on board rushed to the passengers' aid. >> i didn't feel good. everybody in the middle of the flight started to not feel well. >> once on the ground a total of 12 passengers were checked. skywest this morning says there's no indication of depressurization which they say would have affected all of the passengers. a serial sniper may be on the loose in northern colorado. possibley taking shots at random cars. one woman was shot on wednesday. another driver's rear window was shattered a link. so far, only one incident is
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confirmed as a shooting. a suspect is caught on camera burglarizing a massachusetts home. the family sleeping upstairs. totally unaware the intruder in in their home. authorities tracked him down through social media. in one of his facebook pictures he's wearing the same pullover. a violent collision captured on camera between a car and a train. the white car turning into the path of the oncoming commuter train. the train clams into the car, sending it into a light pole and trapping the driver inside. amazingly, the driver suffered only minor injuries. no one on the train was hurt. the bas kinkin robbins employee suffered a beatdown. rachel handed him a few servings of her fist. he fled the store with the
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employee chasing after him. the suspect eventually surrendered to police. >> she is bold. how about that? she could be been inhave been in danger. time for sports. a basketball playoff. and a base-brawl. >> base-brawl. check this out from our friends at espn. he's stan i'm neil. this is the "sportscenter" desk in los angeles. we have two highlights. i bet you can guess what one of them is. >> pelicans and warriors game three from new orleans. anthony davis and company trying to do what golden state did win at home. steph curry ties the game at 108-108. then in overtime, curry again. he had 40 points in the game. pelicans needed a big shot. they got one there ryan anderson. anthony davis, 29 points 15 rebounds for new orleans. ten seconds left, they're down two. davis can't hit. klay thompson gets the rebound.
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he had 28 points. warriors win it 3-0 game four saturday. kansas back if chicago. royals clinched the franchise's first playoff berth there in september. this ventura. he needs to slow his roll a little bit. he's having some issues. this is the third game he's had issues and the season is not that old. it's with adam eaton. and then jeff samardzija went full pacquaio on somebody. royals won it 3-in extras. that's all we have. back to you. >> look at these cuts right here baby. >> looking good guys. up next in "the pulse." prom proposal problem. a student fetes suspended because of how he asked a girl to go the big dance. and the lip-sync cop is back
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and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing) time now to check "the pulse." stories you'll be talk about today. starting with a bomb shell plot twist on last night's "grey's anatomy." >> i don't want to hear about it. spoiler alert. >> cover your years.
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>> it's mcdreamy. we won't say how patrick dempsey's character departs the show. he's been with the show since it started. >> shonda rhimes issued a statement of condolence to fans with these encouraging word the possibilities for what may come are endless. >> it could mean it was all just a dream. he wakes up and realizes he was in a coma. and he comes back. >> as a new guy. we have seen plenty of over-the-top prom proposals. this one is the bomb. >> yeah ibrahim showed up at school wearing a sign. he said i know it's a little late. but i'm kind of the bomb but will you be my date to the prom. >> a little corny but cute. under the sign he was wearing a fake bomb. >> it was a paint ball vest. paper tubes i rolled up. stuck in there. i would have been surprised if
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someone was like oh hey, that's a bomb. independent didn't look like it. >> by the way, the girl did say yes. but his suspension extends beyond this weekend's prom. >> they still plan to get dressed up and do dinner and a movie instead of the prom. >> maybe next time not the bomb thing, buddy. what does a 6'5" 330-pound pro football player do in the offseason? whatever he wants to. >> i think so. for dolphins defensive tackle, a.j. francis, that anything, by the way, becoming an uber driver. he wants to spend his free time driving strangers around in his dodge charger. he tweeted, what's better than nfl money? more money. >> francis says working the same job your whole life is like living on one page. he's also working on his master's degree. is there those three things don't match. to each his own, right? and the lip-syncing cop. he's back at it again.
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>> we all remember his first viral video rocking out to taylor swift. ♪ i'm just gonna shake shake shake shake shake it off shake it off ♪ >> that's delaware officer jeff davis. his original shake it off lip-sync got 33 million hits. since being posted in january. >> now he's back. this time it's a duet. ♪ i'm so fancy ♪ ♪ turned down for what ♪ >> oh look at my boy. >> look at that. ♪ ain't it fun living in the real world ♪ >> might be a pitch problem there. >> yeah they gotta get it together. officer davis is joined by officer stevenson. they jam to a bunch of hits. turn down for what. >> that was a good one. they did great job. >> we have to do one of them. when do we do ours?
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see you at breakfast™. see you at breakfast™. see you at breakfast™. see you at breakfast™. see you at breakfast™. see you at breakfast™. see you at breakfast™. see you >> good morning, everyone, good to see you i'm matt o'donnell. 4:27 friday, april 24. a fast food delivery driver was murdered overnight. police found him in a car that crashed through a fence into a pole. we have new information coming in. more information about the philadelphia police officer shot in the line of duty and the suspected shooter who was wounded. more video of a septa bus erupted into flames with peacialtion on board. -- passengers on board. freeze warnings are in effect. it feels like winter. weather and traffic updates next.
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visited the florida everglades. check out the picture from the event. yeah. looks -- looks less like the president and more like the star of csi:everglades. >> kim jong-un climbed a mountain. i believe it. i believe he did it for a good reason. that's where supercuts is. >> a plot like this i imagine had to be kept in total secrecy. >> he blogd about his plans in 2013 and shared detwals the tampa bay times last year. >> vie lites our privacy daily, cliff clavin over there waving a giant needle. >> an intruder was arrested at the white house after trying to jump the fence. authorities are not releaseing the fence-jumper's identity.
4:29 am
they did say she tore her pantsuit. >> nothing can get past our defenses now. >> there's been a security breach at the white house. this time involving a 4-year-old. >> a spokesperson said the child got a time-out. >> in guantanamo. specifically baby gitmo. >> yesterday, bill clinton presidential library made news when it posted a picture of hillary clinton as first lady in 1993 playing a game boy. take a look at this. isn't that cool? i didn't know she played gameboy. we have footage of the game she was playing. look at this. [ hail to the chief playing ] >> cute. >> very atari. >> yes. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have yourself a great friday and a wonderful week epd.
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>> hey everyone, here's what's happening on this friday april 24 and developing a police officer is hospitalized for being shot in the line of duty. the suspected shooter was also wounded a live report is coming up in minutes. developing this morning a man delivering chinese food is dead after being shot and crashing into a pole. we're flirting with record lows on this spring morning. >> good morning 4:30, april 24. let's go


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